What Is The Compelling Reason To Use Video Inside Your Business?

We are all used to endless internal emails, increasingly busy team chat platforms and interminable Zoom meetings. How can video interview newsletters help cut through all of that?

In an environment where it is harder to stay connected to your work colleagues and organisation membership than ever before, we are having to rapidly evolve the ways we communicate with each other.

After years of inbox overload and team chat ‘busyness’, perhaps now is the time to move towards an approach that allows quality, well crafted, tightly edited video content to be used by you and your internal audiences.

We have developed a way for regular internal video content to be created, edited and delivered to your members or staff in a way that enables them to watch at a time that suits their schedule, as well as being able to engage and respond to the content being shared.

So why use video?

  1. Building rapport within your team between staff and management or members.

  2. Finding an effective way to share insights, experience, lessons learned across the organisation.

  3. Sharing client/customer insights and feedback etc directly with the entire organisation rather than just those staff who have direct contact.

  4. Creating engaging content that is regularly watched by the team you are sending it to – at a time that suits them.

  5. Providing a channel for education/training about new ways of doing things.

  6. Providing a platform to open up for ideas and input from the team.

  7. Answering specific questions from your team in a concise and timely way.
  8. Delivering real and transparent information about the organisation, direction, current situation, future plans etc in an engaging way, rather than a corporate speak style of written memo or speak to camera.

Are you convinced? If so, what is holding you back? Perhaps you think the price of creating regular video content will be outside your budget.

If that’s the case, get in touch with us today for a highly cost effective solution that is sustainable for your business or organisation.