Terms and Conditions

of doing business with us


These terms and conditions are provided to you as a way of formalising the services offered to you by Happy Monday Limited and you, the client.

Please take the time to read them as it outlines our standard terms and conditions. We have tried to write these in plain language. If you are unsure of the content meaning please contact us directly.

Scope of work

The work you have instructed us to complete is outlined in our communications prior to the signing of this document. If you are unsure of what is required please take the time to talk to us as soon as possible.

We offer professional management and digital services and whilst all care is taken to confirm the work to be completed, sometimes this may need further discussion.


In many cases, we present estimates of work to be completed. This is based on our combined industry experience and is an estimate of the cost required to complete a project. If costs are to surpass the estimate we will advise you as soon as possible.


As part of our development process, we ask clients to pay a 50% deposit and progress payments equivalent to any key milestones in a project.

These amounts are billed before the project commences. On payment of the deposit, work on the project will commence.

Payment terms

Payment terms are as follows:
Project Deposits – 7 days unless otherwise agreed to.
All other work – 20th of the month following the date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed to.

Payment options

We accept payments via bank deposits and credit card payments through Stripe. Please note that all Stripe payments are subject to credit card processing fees.


Any variations to this agreement must be in writing. These can be discussed with any of our team members and will be appended to the original agreement.

Non and late payment

Whilst this is not a situation we like to find ourselves in, it may occur from time to time. If an account falls outside of our standard terms and conditions we reserve the right to cease all work until the account is brought back to a current status.

If an account remains unpaid for more than 30 days this may result in a late penalty fee of 5% being added to the amount owing. An additional 5% will be added each month until the account is brought up to date. We ask that if you are unable to pay the account due, you contact us as soon as possible. Late payment fees will not be eligible to be waivered where no communication has been received from the customer prior to the invoice due date. Any costs in recovering an amount due will be added to the amount owing.


The nature of our industry requires that disbursements are to be made on your behalf. These will be billed to you as soon as they are expended with details, or as part of a project.


We generate, present, and confirm all pricing in writing by way of a scope of work, a proposal, or in the case of support tasks a verbal or written estimate. From time to time we underestimate the time that may be required and will endeavour to communicate this to you as soon as practicable. Our professional fees are charged at an hourly rate based on the time required to complete a task, or complete a project. These may vary depending on the type of project to be completed. For your benefit we complete pricing, and estimates, in whole dollars so that you are aware of the costs upfront including any disbursements.


While we hope that our clients will be able to perform most tasks on their site we are aware that from time to time our clients will require support. We can fix most issues however this may require a developer. Charges for this will be billed based on the time spent and range from $160 to $185 per hour (or part thereof). We will always provide the best estimate before any work is completed.

Existing sites

From time to time we undertake the management and development of an existing site. While all care is taken to make changes and develop further functionality we are unable to warranty the work completed. This is based on the premise that another developer, agency or individual has developed the site and may have made changes to the code base that we are not aware of, or were unable to identify at the time the site was transferred to our care.

Need to know more

If you’re not sure about any of the jargon above, pick up the phone to give us a call (old school, but it works!) or send us an email (just click on the button below).

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