Ready to flex

We fit in where you need us – drawing on our experience and skills across the digital landscape to work with, train, consult and support our clients (in-house marketing teams, agencies and SMEs).

Why us

We look after your IP and share ours.

Our years of experience have been hard earned but we know our clients and collaborators appreciate that expertise, so we are happy to share it.  And your IP always belongs to you – anything we create on your behalf is always yours – from website content, imagery, videos, files to creative campaigns, reporting platforms, ad management accounts and more.

We’re not precious about anything we do for you – if there comes a time you need to move on, you will have access to anything you need.

Or if you decide you want to take more of your services in-house, once again, everything will be there that you require – no data or files will be lost (or kept by us), everything is set up to be transferable.

What drives us

What drives us? To be honest, our clients drive us – helping put what they need in place to reach their goals.

Of course we need to pay the bills and keep our team well looked after, but we put people before profit. And we consider work/life balance to be essential.

Karen Foreman-Brown

karen foreman-brown
conversion architect

Karen came to us with 2020 in her rear vision mirror and a clear set of goals for what’s ahead – simply put, a year full of happiness and results after a very challenging time!

She is our go-to for all things digital marketing, SEO and content creation, plus she loves a good productive meeting and spending face to face time with our clients.

Greg Smialowski

greg smialowski
senior developer

Playing into the classic developer stereotype, Greg is our strong silent team member, focusing on getting the job done – which at times means delivering the goods under pressure.

His programming skills are fueled daily by the most divine smelling homemade goodies he brings for lunch. He is very patient with an office full of bubbly Happy Mondayers (Gary included) and we’re sure at least some of our humour is rubbing off on him. Right Greg?

Anj Hawkins

anj hawkins
engagement manager

Anj brings energy, enthusiasm and a ‘let’s get shit done’ attitude to work every day. She’s connected to people all over the city and taps into those relationships on a regular basis for the benefit of her clients and the business as a whole.

Coming back into agency life after starting her family, she is enjoying the chance to build new relationships with Happy Monday clients as well as reconnecting with business owners she hasn’t seen in a few years.

Louisa Raxworthy

louisa raxworthy
happiness coordinator

Louisa is our go-to person for a whole range of things that help keep Happy Monday (and our clients) ticking over. If a site needs populating, or a client needs social media implementing, or an eComm site needs testing and QA ready for launch, Louisa is on the job.

As a busy mum of three, she appreciates the flexibility and work/life balance at HM – so we don’t see her in the office every day, but when we do, she always makes a great contribution.

Serena Mayen

serena mayen
happiness designer

Serena is our in-house designer par excellence, bringing her discerning eye to a variety of projects. Experienced in brand, web design and all types of visual creativity, Serena also turns her hand to front-end development on some of our website projects, ensuring the design is consistently implemented throughout a project.

She also brings plenty of energy and fun to the office, including stories of her weekend trips and her outdoor adventures at sea and in the mountains!

Gary Lee

gary lee
happiness director

Gary is our spontaneous bringer of food to the office – he loves surprising the team with ice cream – or a whiskey, or lunch around the boardroom table.

And he knows all the things when it comes to digital. We tell him he is giving too much away, but that’s the way he likes it – so when you get a meeting with Gary, take notes, because everything he says is golden.

Leigh Gray

leigh gray
happiness director

Leigh is passionate about doing the absolute best for her clients and looking after the entire team to make sure we can all deliver. When she’s away we realise all the little things she does to make us all function as a team …. the milk and biscuits seem to run out too.

She is your go-to person to make sure your project goes live in good time and keeps an eye on how it is performing to ensure every client continues to get the results they are looking for.

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Client first

No matter where you are at with your marketing, your business, or your resource requirements, we are happy to help.

Let’s get the ball rolling and see how we can work together.

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