Cant find your new website on google

When I type in my business it doesn’t show up on Google

So you’ve just launched your brand new website and when you type in your business name it doesn’t show up in Google.

Don’t worry, this is completely normal for any new website and it can take time, and a few important steps to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Google is an exceptionally powerful search engine, however when you have to crawl and index all of the websites across every city, every country and every continent, it can take a little longer than you expect!  So if hours, days and weeks after the launch of your new site you’re not appearing in Google searches, it’s likely because Google hasn’t yet indexed your website.

There are well over a billion websites in the world and approximately 175 new ones are created every minute!

So how do search engines like Google find my site?

Search engines send a bot or web crawler around the internet to collect information. Crawling is the process where the bot goes from website to website finding new information for the search engine. The bot must be able to crawl and read the information on your site.

Once your website is crawled, it then has to be indexed. Indexing is the processing of the information gathered by the bot. Once web pages are processed, they are added to Google’s index if they are deemed to be of good quality content (Why you need to ensure you have a good SEO set-up).

If you’ve been waiting several weeks and still can’t find your website anywhere in a Google search, you can check to see if your site has been indexed. In Google, type (put your actual website address here) and click search. If nothing shows up, it means your website has not been indexed yet.

So what steps do you need to take to get crawled and indexed with speed?

Submit your sitemap to Google Console

Google Search Console is an excellent tool to help track how your site is performing on Google, but most importantly it’s where you submit your sitemap. Submitting a sitemap here gives Google the most up to date list of all of the URLs for your new website and allows them to index it quicker!

Set up and verify your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business profiles are often the first thing that pops up when undertaking a search and will often take a priority spot over the organic Google results, especially when typing in a business name.

So make sure your Google My Business listing is set up, optimised and verified.

Ensure you have links on your site

Google likes sites with links.  Internal links from one of your website’s pages to another, and links from social media platforms are a great start.  Consider adding links to your new website from those social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Set up Google Ads for your business

If you’re really in a hurry to have your site show in search results you can set up and run a Google Ads campaign.  It’s the fastest most likely way you’ll appear immediately when someone types your business name into Google. Often these will be quite affordable ads and if you’re new to Google Ads our team can help you set up your account. As an added bonus because we are a Google Partner we can offer you a credit on your account.  Just ask our team.

In Conclusion

Yes, it can be really frustrating when you’ve just spent a great deal of money on the development of a new website and you can’t find it! But these things always take time.

The steps above will assist in speeding up the process in the beginning – but in the long term, having good SEO and continually improving this is the key to keeping your rankings on Google searches.

You can try our Free SEO Audit or make contact with us to discuss your SEO requirements.