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So who actually owns your Google Ads Account?

When we speak to new clients about their current Google Ad accounts, we so often come across the scenario where the business does not in fact own, or even have access to, their account.

Most often when we come across this, we have to rebuild the client’s account because the previous agency is unable or unwilling to release their account. It is possible that the previous agency built it in their agency Master Account, however, they are still ways to release your account to you.

As a transparent agency we never open Google Ads accounts in our own name. It is always the client’s account and in the client’s name.

Some of the reasons Agencies give for not handing over your ad account

  • The account was created under our manager account and can’t be unlinked

    This is not the case. A Google Ad account can be unlinked from a manager account by making you an administrator and removing their own access.

  • The account was set up under our agency billing account so cannot be transferred

    Again this is not true. The billing settings can be changed anytime for any Google Ad account.

  • The Ad account is our Intellectual Property

    While this can be tricky as while the account does contain their work, you have paid for this service, and the data essentially belongs to you and your business. I would question why an agency needs to retain the data specific to your business.

  • If we give you access you will see all of our client’s data

    This is also not true. The account structure on Google allows you to can gain access to just your own account.

With all of the above in mind, the most important reason you should control your own business account is that this online activity and the subsequent data are important to your business, and your understanding of your market. You do not want to relinquish full control of this to anyone outside of your company.

Over the years we have seen companies who don’t own ANY of their online accounts, whether that be Google Console, Google Ads, Facebook Pages and Ad accounts. Some don’t even own their own website domains. The list goes on.

These organisations just let their chosen agency deal with it, and think “that’s what we’re paying them for right”? Yes, it is, however, we believe these accounts and data should still be yours to access and control at any time.

If your current agency is refusing to give you access to your own accounts, this should be a red flag.

If you have any questions about this article or would like some advice on your accounts then please feel free to contact us.

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