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Colours and their meaning

Brand colour psychology is the study of how colour impacts the way we perceive brands. Colours can have a powerful effect on our emotions, and these in turn play a major role in how we behave as consumers.

While the effect that colours have on our emotions differ from person to person based on gender, cultural context and personal experiences, there are some general guidelines that have come from years of studies.

Your brand identity defines how the world perceives your brand. Colour is an integral component of that perception.

Choosing the hue that best embodies your brand personality is critical to building an authentic brand.  By understanding the psychology of colour, you can make a selection based on insight gleaned from innumerable scientific surveys.  So which one is right for you?

Plan on choosing 3 colours

Your base, an accent, and a neutral. Brand colour schemes can have between 1-4 colours depending on the type, but even monochrome schemes will require some variation in hues for different purposes.

Choose a base colour

Of all your brand’s personality traits, which one is most important? Your base colour should reflect not only your brand personality’s most dominant trait but also appeal to the target audience you’re trying to reach. You’ll choose the remaining colours based on how well they match with this one.

Choose your accent colour

Your accent will be the colour you use the most after your base colour. This is a bit trickier than choosing your base colour because there are more restrictions: aside from matching a brand personality trait, your accent colour must also pair visually with your base colour.

Choosing your neutral

Your neutral colour will most likely be a background colour, something chosen to avoid attention. Typically these are different hues of gray, but beige, whites and off-whites work, too. Black is also an option, but be careful as it tends to dominate any colour scheme it’s part of.

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